If you like this.... try this... or just be daring!

Georgia has its own unique language and an even more unique alphabet. It is neither Latin nor Cyrillic or like anything else you've seen. It's simply Georgian. But while the locals are proud of their uniqueness, anyone visiting can easily get 'lost in translation'. 

The translation issue presented Georgian wine-makers with a serious headache. Most of the names of their terroirs or grape varieties are hardly pronounceable for foreigners. But beyond the phonetics, navigating the variety of wines turns out to be also quite tricky. To make things easier Sarah Abbott, our favourite London-based Master of Wine, has imagined a "Wheel of Flavours". If you know which wines you usually fancy, you can try their 'equivalent' in Georgian wines. But if you are daring, just go for the adventurous qvevri wine!

Wheel of Flavours.jpg