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Instance vs. Context 

Light gains meaning from darkness; big from small; present from past. So we place things in context and in multiple contexts, to expose a multiplicity of perspectives. 


One Hero vs. Community

 It is tempting to focus on the hero’s story but no hero walks alone. So we shine a light on the friends—and foes—whose footsteps, together with the hero’s, mark out the path forward.


Strong Stories vs. Open endings

Linearity is comforting but life is not. So we craft narratives that are multi-layered webs, where unexpected connections reveal themselves and every story opens up more questions instead of wrapping everything up in a neat bow.

Apricate Books is about exploring the interconnected nature of our existence. Through books, films and online conversations, we aim to share thoughts and observations that provoke questions, reflection and conversation about what makes us and our world tick.

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