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8000 Vintages of georgian wine

by Anna Saldadzé 

Edited by Sarah Abbott MW

"If one tried to describe Georgia using one single word, the right word would definitely be 'hospitality'."

John Steinbeck

Georgia has been on many peoples’ minds lately. Ranked among top touristic destinations by leading press outlets such as the Financial Times and National Geographic to name a few, its picturesque nature, novel gastronomic flavours, culture and history are being (re)discovered by the West. 

‘Untamed’ explores Georgia’s unique 8000-year-old uninterrupted wine culture that has caught the interest of wine experts and lay connoisseurs alike. What makes it so unique is its 525 endogenous grapes varieties; an ancient winemaking technology that uses buried ‘Qvevri’ clay-jars  (instead of oak barrels); and the art of feasting that calls to mind the philosophical ‘symposiums’ of the ancient Greeks.

Through richly illustrated pages, the reader is given an overview of the Georgian culture and keys to understanding different wine-producing regions. It will prove itself a useful guide to whomever willing to explore unusual tastes of a country so close and yet so different to Europe.  


240 x 200mm
280 pages, colour illustrated

Publisher: Sulakauri Publishing, Georgia

UK distributor: Apricate Books

First edition, 2018

ISBN 978-1-9996584-0-3


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