Untamed Wine

Main takeaways from the book

- Georgia is on the crossroad between Eastern and Western cultures. Its culture reflects the richness of both.

- Qvevri is a unique winemaking technology that requires very little or no chemical additives to produce quality wine. It has been imported by French, Italian and even Australian winemakers who are prone to explore natural and orange wines;

- Out of the 525 existing endogenous grape varieties, 40 mainly cultivated grapes are presented in detail, together with maps of their regions of origin.

- The traditions of Supra, the Georgian feast, and Tamada, the art of toast-making, are more than just gimmicks, they play deep spiritual roles. The philosophical undertones of Tamada have even inspired French philosopher Michel Eltchaninoff to coin a new concept of Tamadism - or the art of living ‘a propos’.   

- Small family wineries are presented together with more prestigious historic estates and more contemporary wine brands, because they all play a major role in shaping Georgian wine’s identity. 


Author: Anna Saldadze

Edited by Sarah Abbott MW


In partnership with SULAKAURI PUBLISHING

First edition, 2018

Untamed Wine

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