Be My Guest - Georgian recipes

Be My Guest is a book of remarkable stories and delicious recipes created by Georgians living abroad, who achieved fame and success in their other careers. It reveals how genuine imaginative talent finds expression in all levels of life - and for Georgians, at the table in particular. Whether a hero of the Napoleonic wars; the founder of the New York City Ballet; a Hollywood muse of New York night-club owner, this book unveils the inner workings of Georgia's mastery of hospitality - from the richness of the food's natural ingredients to their carefully selected dishes, thence the accompanying art of toast-making



Authors: Anna Saldadze & David Gigauri


2nd edition

In partnership with SULAKAURI PUBLISHING, 2018

Be My Guest - Georgian recipes

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  • ISBN: 978-1-9996584-1-0

    Hard cover

    240 x 200mm

    128 pages, colour illustrated