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PODCASTS that explore the intricate threads of culture

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Hello Wine Lovers!

I'm Anna Saldadzé, your host for the Untamed Wine Podcast. Tuning in from Tbilisi, Georgia, I'm here to bring you the joyful spirit of Georgian wine culture. We will discuss heroic journeys with local winemakers, talk to reputed sommeliers and master of wine around the globe who've already fallen in love with qvevri wines, and get some insight about what makes this culture truly unique, why it is still relatively unknown and most importantly where you can find your next bottle! 

About me

For those who don't know me, I'm the author of "Untamed: 8000 Vintages of Georgian Wine" and co-author of "Be My Guest: Georgian recipe for cooking success". Born in Georgia, I grew up in France before moving to London and starting a career in publishing. I love exploring the intricate threads of culture and finding creative narratives to bridge divides. 


#1 Sarah Abbott MW

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